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Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)





Location: The university is 45 min away from Kuala Lumpur city. Easily can go through bus, MRT, car. With each breath, one inhales the pure essence of nature, free from pollutants and toxins. The only sounds that break the peaceful silence are the gentle leaves in the breeze and the melodious chirping of birds can be found.

My travel: I went there with a curiosity on quality of education for my sons. My son wants to get a carrier in Energy sector. I meet with a teacher and found that he is quite knowledgeable. With a deep understanding of their subject matter and a genuine enthusiasm for teaching, the teacher exuded a sense of dedication and professionalism that was truly inspiring. The teacher was telling me that he enjoyed educational system of Malaysia.

International students: I saw students from different countries there, especially some African countries, neighboring countries China and Vietnam. Also observed European students. I was feeling a multicultural place where views can be exchanged easily.

Energy University in Malaysia: I had a discussion with Engineering department. Come to know that UNITEN stands as a pioneering institution, proudly bearing the title of the first Energy University in Malaysia. Its vision extends far beyond national borders, aspiring to compete on a global scale while embracing the rich traditions of Malaysian and Asian academia. I was observing one solar panel project. Few other energy projects were nearby.

UNITEN’s faculty members are experts in their respective fields, with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in energy engineering. They are actively involved in research and industry collaborations, ensuring that students receive the latest insights and guidance from industry practitioners.

Industry Partnerships: UNITEN has established strong partnerships with leading industry players in the energy sector, providing students with valuable opportunities for internships, industrial attachments, and collaborative projects. These partnerships enhance students’ exposure to real-world industry practices and facilitate career opportunities upon graduation.

Research Excellence: The university is renowned for its research excellence in energy-related fields, with a focus on renewable energy, power systems, energy efficiency, and sustainable development. Students have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research projects and contribute to advancements in the field under the guidance of experienced researchers.

Career Opportunities: Graduates of UNITEN’s energy engineering programs are highly sought after by employers in the energy industry, both locally and internationally. The university’s strong industry connections, combined with its rigorous curriculum and practical training, ensure that graduates are well-equipped to succeed in their careers and make meaningful contributions to the energy sector.

International Recognition: UNITEN’s energy engineering programs have gained international recognition, attracting students and faculty from around the world. The university’s global outlook and collaborations with international institutions enhance the learning experience and provide students with a truly diverse and multicultural environment.

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