Chrome security



Google has given Chrome another update – for the third time in just a week. Again it’s about a security hole for which an exploit exists. And Chrome isn’t the only browser affected.

Currently, exploits for zero-day vulnerabilities in Chrome seem to be increasing. This could allow cybercriminals to exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities in the Google browser . A quick update is therefore absolutely necessary.

Another Chrome update

After Google has already released two updates in the past few days, there is now another update to close security gaps. A total of nine additional vulnerabilities will be closed with the Chrome update.

Chrome update: How to get it started

The Chrome update should start automatically when you open the browser. After restarting, Chrome should be available in the current version. You can check this in the Chrome settings in the “About Google Chrome” section. If necessary, the update can also be initiated manually.

After the successful update you should see the message “Chrome is up to date”. For Windows, Linux and Mac, the current version numbers are 125.0.6422.60 and 125.0.6422.61 respectively. The newly discovered security gaps have already been patched.

Update for Edge users on the go

Users of other browsers, such as Microsoft’s Edge, should also look out for update options. The errors affect the Chromium web browser, on which browsers like Edge are based. Accordingly, they could also be affected by the security gaps and exploits.


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